Monday, July 11, 2016

Is THW Global A Scam?

Is THW Global A Scam?

There are few guarantees in this world. But, one thing we know for certain is that the internet is full of scammers and naysayers. There are people out there who make a living out of creating YouTube videos, or even websites, which name good, legitimate businesses as “A Scam!" —Why? Because, when thousands, or even millions, of people are investigating a new business, such as THW Global, they, in their efforts to do due diligence, will be drawn to look at any articles which call it A Scam. And the more eyeballs (clicks) that go to the Scam article writer's YouTube postings or websites, the higher the 
Scam article writers will rank on YouTube, or in Google, and therefore, the more money THEY (the Scam article writerswill make for THEIR nefarious efforts. This is long-time common knowledge. Do Not Fall For It!

Instead, follow your own heart and your own good judgement. In the case of THW, there is reallyno risk. It’s totally free to join THW, and THW is not collecting any sensitive information, like your SS# (at least, until it is time for you to get paid). The more we learn and understand about THW, the more totally confident we are, that this is the most amazing business opportunity we’ve ever seen, in our many decades of Network Marketing experiences.

One important aspect of THW is, that a person doesn’t need to sponsor a soul in order to make up to $1000, per month, from the privacy of their own home. But, if a person is inclined toward networking, they can make a fortune!  

For people who need to work from home, AND for people who know people and love to share a good thing when they see it, THW is PERFECT!

THW is offering a brilliant, easy, fun, way to create an income, from home.—So, don't keep it a secret! —Tell everyone you know!!!  

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