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Weight Problems | GreenMedInfo | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine

As of 2007 74.1% of American adults are overweight or obese. While there are no magic bullets and the primary causes are over-consumption of nutrient-depleted high calorie foods and endocrine disruption via synthetic chemicals, we do offer these 200+ studies for your perusal as potential aids in the struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

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39 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

A great list from Mashable, many new ideas. 39 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

5 Simple ways to live a life you love

Posted: 22 Nov 2010 05:57 PM PST

The quickest way to living a life you love is through learning to love the life you live.
You’re waiting for something to change in your life before you can be happy. You might think if only you had a different partner (or one at all), a better job, or kids that did their homework then surely you’d be happy. Surely then you’d wake each morning with the glow of one living a life worth loving. Enough! Here are 7 ways to get started:
1. Be present – You must be aware of your current existence and that you have control over your perspective. Whether you’re willing away early morning grouchiness or seeing a messy house as a chance to teach teamwork, your choice of perspective will make all the difference between just living and loving.
2. Practice gratefulness – Every day, no excuses. Pretend to be grateful if you must. It’s one of those things that catches up to you quickly as life reciprocates your emotional generosity. Seeing the good in your life will allow you to keep your heart fed while you work to change the more unsavory parts. Try it. Live it. You’ll love it.
3. Pursue balance - As a person given to extremes this has always been a tough one for me. I’ll go from taking great care of myself and communicating well to abandonment and silence as I let work consume me. The pursuit of balance requires constant adjustment as your life shifts but every time I really try for the middle I end up happier about my life. And that’s truly the point.
4. Nurture friendships – You know the people who for some reason or other welcome you into their lives? Treasure them. Make time to spend with them. It is those relationships that you’ll look back on with satisfaction when you get old and begin to wonder what your life was worth. Many of us spend far too much time thinking about how some material possession will improve our lives. An iMac would be nice. A good friend is worth just about everything though!
5. Embrace simplicity –  You don’t need to have all your gold-plated ducks in a row in order to love the life you’re living. You don’t need lots of stuff and relationships so driven by drama that you often wish just to be left alone in silence. Instead you might try for a simpler approach and enjoy things because they are useful and not because they are expensive. You might join a friend just to talk and not worry about all the expensive trappings we so often heap on get-together’s. Try for simplicity and if complexity sneaks up on you, so be it. In learning to love the basics you’ll find a wondrous appreciation for the nicer things that come along.
What have you found helps bring you back to the moment you’re in and really start to enjoy the life you’re living right now? 

Body Scanners More Dangerous Than Feds Admit

Dr. Blaylock: Body Scanners More Dangerous Than Feds AdmitWednesday, November 24, 2010 9:58 AM
By Dr. Russell Blaylock

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, lecturer, and editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report.

The growing outrage over the Transportation Security Administrations new policy of backscatter scanning of airline passengers and enhanced pat-downs brings to mind these wise words from President Ronald Reagan: The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: Im from the government and Im here to help you.

So, what is all the concern really about - will these radiation scanners increase your risk of cancer or other diseases? A group of scientists and professors from the University of California at San Francisco voiced their concern to Obama's science and technology adviser John Holdren in a well-stated letter back in April.
The group included experts in radiation biology, biophysics, and imaging, who expressed serious concerns about the dangerously high dose of radiation to the skin.

Radiation increases cancer risk by damaging the DNA and various components within the cells. Much of the damage is caused by high concentrations of free radicals generated by the radiation. Most scientists think that the most damaging radiation types are those that have high penetration, such as gamma-rays, but in fact, some of the most damaging radiation barely penetrates the skin.

One of the main concerns is that most of the energy from the airport scanners is concentrated on the surface of the skin and a few millimeters into the skin. Some very radiation-sensitive tissues are close to the skin - such as the testes, eyes, and circulating blood cells in the skin.

This is why defenders using such analogies as the dose being 1,000-times less than a chest X-ray and far less than what passengers are exposed to in-flight are deceptive. Radiation damage depends on the volume of tissue exposed. Chest X-rays and gamma-radiation from outer space is diffused over the entire body so that the dose to the skin is extremely small. Of note, outer space radiation does increase cancer rates in passengers, pilots, and flight attendants.

We also know that certain groups of people are at a much higher risk than others. These include babies, small children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with impaired immunity (those with HIV infection, cancer patients, people with immune deficiency diseases, and people with abnormal DNA repair mechanism, just to name a few).

As we grow older, our DNA accumulates a considerable amount of unrepaired damage, and under such circumstances even low doses of radiation can trigger the development of skin cancers, including the deadly melanoma. I would also be concerned about exposing the eyes, since this could increase ones risk of developing cataracts.

About 5 percent of the population have undiagnosed abnormal DNA repair mechanism. When exposed to radiation, this can put them at a cancer risk hundreds of times greater than normal people.
It also has been determined that when skin is next to certain metals, such as gold, the radiation dose is magnified 100-fold higher. What if you have a mole next to your gold jewelry? Will the radiation convert it to a melanoma? Deficiencies in certain vitamins can dramatically increase your sensitivity to radiation carcinogenesis, as can certain prescription medications.

As for the assurances we have been given by such organization as the American College of Radiology, we must keep in mind that they assured us that the CT scans were safe and that the radiation was equal to one chest X-ray. Forty years later we learn that the dose is extremely high, it is thought to have caused cancer in a significant number of people, and the dose is actually equal to 1,000 chest X-rays.
Based on these assurances, tens of thousands of children have been exposed to radiation doses from CT scanners, which will ruin the children's lives. I have two friends who were high-ranking Environmental Protection Agency scientists, and they assure me that in government safety agencies, politics most often override the scientists real concerns about such issues.

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How To Select All Friends in Facebook

How To Select All Friends in Facebook: "javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}"

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From an email about bed bugs, epidemic now!

FYI -- I did not write this.  It came in a forward.   A

A bit of information that you might like to know about.  We have friends here in our community and one of their sons is an entomologist (insect expert), and has been telling them that there is an epidemic of bed bugs now occuring in America.  Recently I have heard on the news that several stores in NYC have had to close due to bed bug problems, as well as a complete mall in New Jersey. 
He says that since much of our clothing, sheets, towels, etc. now comes from companies outside  of America, (sad but true), even the most expensive stores sell foreign clothing from China, Indonesia, etc.  The bed bugs are coming in on the clothing as these countries do not consider them a problem.  He recommends that if you buy any new clothing, even underware and socks, sheets, towels, etc. that you bring them into the house and put them in your clothes dryer for at least 20 minutes.  The heat will kill them and their eggs.  DO NOT PURCHASE CLOTHES AND HANG THEM IN THE CLOSET FIRST.  It does not matter what the price range is of the clothing, or if the outfit comes from the most expensive store known in the U.S.  They still get shipments from these countries and the bugs can come in a box of scarves or anything else for that matter.  That is the reason why so many stores, many of them clothing stores have had to shut down in NYC and other places.   All you need is to bring one item into the house that has bugs or eggs and you will go to hell and back trying to get rid of them.  He travels all over the country as an advisor to many of these stores, as prevention and after they have the problem.
Send this information on to those on your e-mail list so that this good prevention information gets around quickly.

What Old McDonald Can Teach You About Social Media | Social Media Examiner

Great information about getting customer attention What Old McDonald Can Teach You About Social Media | Social Media Examiner

HOW TO: Customize Your Background for the New Twitter

Great information! HOW TO: Customize Your Background for the New Twitter

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We are selling our house in Halifax NS

If you are interested in convenient city living, check out this link...

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Waiting for Earl

Early morning in Halifax, hurricane watches and warnings. Seems ironic to leave the Keys, and travel into the path of a hurricane. And isn't irony one of the sweetest aspects of life!
We are preparing a house for sale. It has been a rooming house for years. Most recently there was a big black lab in one of the bedrooms, so, the whole house is full of black dog hair. 
That is a challenge, to try to catch the swirling butterflies of fur. 
With the unusual heat pushed north ahead of Earl, fans have been a wonderful relief. These are sending the butterflies throughout the house. 
The heat has found us seeking the relief of A/C in the most unlikely places, like McDonald's. Some relief. 
Earl is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so relief is in sight. 


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The "Lost Art" of Play - Technorati Family

And as adults we don't play enough either. So few of us really understand the concept of play, where it involves body mind and spirit. Playing solitaire on the computer just doesn't cut it!The "Lost Art" of Play - Technorati Family

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webpresents4u - Google Search

Yahoo, I just showed up in a google search!!!!webpresents4u - Google Search

Google Launches Real-Time Search Homepage and New Tools

The one stop shop, after visiting Facebook and Twitter. Google Launches Real-Time Search Homepage and New Tools

Pee Power to the People : Discovery News

Now this is a renewable resource Pee Power to the People : Discovery News

Why Google Has No Game

Insight into the Facebook success in social network marketing and Why Google Has No Game

Twitter or Facebook: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Twitter or Facebook: Which Is Right for Your Business?: "Another thing this data makes clear: It doesn't matter what industry you're in, you should be experimenting with social media. Check out the reach manufacturing and waste management businesses are getting! And not just one -- that's an average of at least 10 businesses."

Early Puberty for girls

It is so sad how the damage we are doing to our planet is effecting the innocent.

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As I do the business of my business for my business, I run across many gems the share with other entrepreneurs. 
I am posting most of these on my Facebook pages,!/pages/Key-West-FL/Web-Presents-4-U/108085439247877?ref=sgm and!/?ref=home
Check out these pages for wonderful aids in running a small business. 

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Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan Shines the Spotlight on What's Caused an Estimated 150,000 Farmer Suicides in India | World | AlterNet

Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan Shines the Spotlight on What's Caused an Estimated 150,000 Farmer Suicides in India | World | AlterNet

Advertising: How Facebook Became the Biggest CRM Provider - Advertising Age - Digital

Advertising: How Facebook Became the Biggest CRM Provider - Advertising Age - Digital

What connections have I made so far?

As I mentioned before, the creation of this business coincided with a request from a friend for this kind of service. This blog will include links to show what I did for that business. 
Initially, there is the already well established web site - where I was able to download the Logo and pictures. 
There was also a now improved personal Facebook page -!/profile.php?id=100001215394106&ref=ts 
Next we went to Twitter -

I have also submitted a report to CNN iReport, Small Biz section. 
Pretty busy, and loving it?

Start A Business For Under $1000 | The Mogul Mom

Start A Business For Under $1000 | The Mogul Mom

Eating Fruit

A wonderful articel arrived in my inbox from Dr Scott Einhorn, a member of the Vitalist discussion group. the article contains pages discribing the healthiest way to eat fruit. have a look.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Sunday

A good morning of working, then i decide to go for my "spoke and stroke". That is a bike ride and a swim. If I use the hot tub, then is is a Spoke, Stroke and Soak.
(AKA Peddle and Paddle)
It started to rain, and I thought that I might get wet, so I returned home. Actually, it wasn't the fear of the rain that brought me home, it was the size of the Cuban Mix Sandwich from the Cuban Coffee Queen that I had for lunch. Left overs are in the fridge.!/pages/Key-West-FL/Web-Presents-4-U/108085439247877?ref=sgm&__a=5&ajaxpipe=1

Saturday, August 21, 2010


As with many people, I recently lost my job. As soon as I am unemployed, I have slipcover business comes out from under the covers. While promoting this business, I put some pictures on Facebook. I have noticed that many businesses have FB pages, and most of these pages lie dormant, because the business owner is so busy minding their business. I suggested to a friend who was not on FB, that he would benefit from having a FB page. A few days later, he asked if I would like to do it for him. Simultaneously I had seen that there is a niche for people to do just that, create and maintain pages for small businesses in the expanding social networking web of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and EBay. So there it is, I have called the business webpresents4u. Any ideas or feed back would be welcomed.


This is an interesting project. I have started to work at my new venture, and am discovering so many tools to facilitate my efforts.
Writing a blog is a new expereince for me. I appreciate patience while I get used to this one.